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The purpose of this blog, is to attempt to boost an awareness towards mental and emotional fitness being equally as important as your physical fitness.  When it all works together the results are simply amazing.  Your very own body and mind have wonderful tools for self healing and we simply need a nudge in the right direction from wellbeing coaches, practitioners, personal trainers, and instructors, to fully encompass our health as a whole.  Sadly, many people still don't fully understand or appreciate the huge impact these treatments have and that absolutely everyone can benefit so much from a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.
It is hugely important to start to understand the benefits of mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as physical health.  We don't think twice now about working out every other day, going to the gym, running, swimming, walking that 10,000 steps, as we all strive to feel better, realising the importance of our physical health.  Most of us are making changes that we need to become fitter and healthier - becoming aware that in order to feel better physically we need to enjoy an active lifestyle together with eating in ways which will sustain our physical health. 
Why are so few of us actively looking at ways to sustain our mental and emotional wellbeing? This is so important as even with the best of intentions, from time to time we still notice that even being physically fit, we can still sometimes be unwell or become susceptible to dis-ease.  
Why could this be?  
Being physically fit alone does not give us the mental and emotional ability to sustain our health as a whole. Why not find out how I can help you start on your journey - get in touch with me at St-Art Healing for WELLNESS WEDNESDAY'S.

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