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About Reiki

Reiki is a safe and non invasive treatment, it is  being recommended by doctors, hospital and health care workers all around the world as an alternative therapy, giving a  boost to your physical and mental well-being.

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It is an ancient healing system which encourages physical, mental and emotional healing together with spiritual growth. It is not a religion, nor a belief system - the energy will work with you whether you believe in it or not, whatever age or gender.  

Reiki works on the physical level, it can relieve pain, trigger regeneration of physical ailments/dis-ease and kick start you on your own healing journey. 

Reiki also works on the mental and emotional levels loosening blocked energy, bringing your body and mind back into balance,  reducing anxiety and promoting total relaxation. It re-establishes mental well being with a noticeable change in vitality and ability to cope with daily life. 

Reiki lineage is hugely important and in order to practice the Usui System of Reiki you must chose your Master carefuly, making sure they have direct lineage to Dr Mikao Usui.

Generally, I would recommend 3 Reiki treatments one month apart initially, coming back to me for an "MOT" when you feel it is needed. 

About My Journey

I, was introduced to reiki in 2005, when I was going through a particularly turbulent time in my life, reiki helped to ease my chaotic mind and  focus again.   I found I could resonate with the teachings (things started to make sense to me) and I wanted to learn more.  My wonderful and wise Reiki Master Lynda Wilson (Napier) attuned me into reiki giving me my first degree in 2005, with my second degree shortly thereafter in 2006.  After a lot of independent research, study and reading, Lynda put me through my reiki master teacher and practitioner training course, in 2008, this allowed me to practice reiki on myself, family members and friends.  I absolutely loved to do this on a part time basis, doing treatments, initiating students into reiki and running courses on weekends. 

I continued to practice reiki but also, as I was bringing my family up on my own, I pursued a career in a highly stressful legal environment.  Now that my family have grown, I am delighted to be able to follow my dream of being a full time practitioner, teacher  and coach. 

As a reiki practitioner and teacher I am a full member of the Reiki Association and Mindfulness Association.  I am fascinated with the workings of the mind and I am continuing my studies currently by undertaking the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) run by the Mindfulness Association and also in September 2019 I will join Aberdeen University as a student on their 3 Year postgraduate Master (MSc) Studies  in Mindfulness at the same time completing by teaching qualification to allow me to teach the MBLC.

About Reiki and my journey


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