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MSc Studies in Mindfulness - Update

My fascination with healing; the brain; and how the brain works led me to undertake a 3 year post graduate MSc in Mindfulness at the University of Aberdeen. A few questioned whether Academia could teach the skills required, so I was curious to investigate the possibility, having already gained a basic understanding from my years of reiki and meditation practice’s. Well... Year 1 is complete and the seeds which were sown are now being lusciously fertilised. Because this course is at MSc (Masters) level, the intensity is gruelling, however, already I have more understanding of our brains and how mind training develops our brain. The research around neuroscience absolutely fascinates me and I am excited to continue with reading and researching this subject. My boundaries for enquiry are endless. Our virtual residential teacher training week was successfully completed online, not quite the Holy Isle experience my cohorts were hoping for, but well put together and a fabulous experience non the less. So, I am excited to report that so far this course has been hugely beneficial in all aspects of my daily life.

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